Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger or Logan Gray…….which inexperienced, highly touted QB will the Bulldog Nation hang their hopes on in 2010?  From where I sit,  I would bet the farm on Aaron Murray.  How can I be so sure you ask? Because he held the clipboard all last year……DUH.  Now that we have answered that burning question, let’s move on.

Consider this ……31 – 3.

That’s Georgia’s record under Mark Richt when they post a 100 yard rusher.  The three defeats coming in a 4 point loss against Boston College in 2001,  a 7 point loss against Florida in 2002 and a 4 point loss against  South Carolina in 2007.

In the Brian Van Gorder era of defense, we were 11-2  when we had a 100 yard rusher.  In the Willie Martinez era of defense,  we were 20 – 1.  In case your wondering,  only 2 of the 31 wins came against FCS opponents.  So,  I ask this simple question…does it really matter how bad the defense sucked when we do what Georgia does best?

Todd Grantham,  if your reading this,  send Mike Bobo a link and suggest that he and his running game coordinator place some emphasis on beating folks up on their side of the ball too.

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat – Herschel Walker